Tummy tuck tattoos

Tummy tuck tattoo before and after

Very often, the human body has an unnatural defects and ugliness that have appeared because of any circumstances, for example due to surgery or burns – scars often make people feel uncomfortable and do not allow to live fully, especially in the moments when you denude your body and show scar. There is a great tool or a way to get rid of scars for such people, or rather their masking by means of tattoos. Beautiful drawing of tattoo applied over the scar which completely hides the defect and enables a person to enjoy life fully and without complexes and confusions.

Scars on the body are not always possible to hide under clothing, and traditional treatment of scars may not produce the desired result. Tummy tuck tattoos for some people – is the only thing can help hide the scars and scars on the body after a tummy tuck and make them not visible to others eyes.

Stages of tummy tuck tattoo

Drawing of tummy tuck tattoo on scar – ‘is an effective and popular way to transform the unsightly area of damaged skin into a work of art. However, not every scar is allowed to mask using tummy tuck tattoo. Before you decide to have this procedure, it’s necessary to accurately determine the type of your scar and take into account its features, so as not to harm to the health and beauty. The method is good, but not for all scars is recommended to do tummy tuck tattoo and you need to know about it to avoid serious trouble that may arise if you neglect it.

Scars and welts can be divided into several types:

Tummy tuck tattoo on hypertrophic scar

  • Atrophic scars. They often remain on the skin after burns or minor surgery. These scars have dented appearance, and they different from the main skin in a lighter color. On this type of scarring is allowed to do tummy tuck tattoos. Atrophic scars remain on the skin after acne, chickenpox, burns, or small operations, like mini tummy tuck. They appear in the form of irregularities, “pits”, changes in skin color.
  • Normotrophic scars appear on the skin after minor injuries, in which the basement membrane was not hurt. Normotrophic scars often look like atrophic. This bright flat scars that impact few on the topography of the skin. Their elasticity close to the normal tissues, therefore these scars can be corrected with the help of tummy tuck tattoos.
  • Hypertrophic scars occur after severe damage to the skin, fibrous tissue is greatly increased during the healing process, because of what appear elevation of dark color on the tissue surface which highly salient. This type of scarring have pink or reddish color, they can hurt or itch. On this type of scars you can do tummy tuck tattoos, but the cells can absorb the paint. After successful classic tummy tuck precisely such scars appear
  • Keloid scars – is the most rude and unaesthetic consequences of skin damage. Keloid scar has a pink or bluish color, dense bumpy surface, can cause pain, itching, feeling of tightness. Such scars are capable to constant growth. Keloid scars after abdominoplasty appear very rarely. Development of rough scars often associated with the occurrence of postoperative complications such as hematoma, suppuration, gapping. Keloid scars are formed only in a people who are predisposed to it. They can be avoided if during the operation will be used a technique which requires a smaller incisions. If you have a scar of such type, it is forbidden to apply tummy tuck tattoos on him, as it is fraught with additional injury of scar, and worsening of problem.

Tattoos for tummy tuck scars

Bright and beautiful tummy tuck tattoo

Birthmarks. Also, you should not do tummy tuck tattoos on them, because the many vessels are formed at similar locations that may be damaged.

If your type of scar is capable of applying a tummy tuck tattoo, you can do so no earlier than one year after healing. This will avoid from stretching of scar or pattern distortion of tattoo. The use of special drugs to treat scars will accelerate the healing process and will protect from excessive formation of scar tissue.

Tummy tuck tattoo – is not only a means of expression, but in some cases a different way to hide skin imperfections. Tattoos on the scars will help disguise scars, the consequences of stretch marks by turning a flaw in a work of art.

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Features of tummy tuck tattoo application

Tummy tuck tattoo can be done not earlier than 6 months after abdominoplasty

Tattoos to cover tummy tuck scar

Of course, the result will not be visible immediately. Before heading out to do tummy tuck tattoo on scars, you should consider several nuances.

First and foremost, it is important to know that the scar should not be fresh, must pass at least six months since its inception. It is easy to determine the right time for tattooing – scar should become white.

Next, to create the tattoo is necessary to discuss some details with the master. Experienced master, making a tattoo on the scar of abdominoplasty or on any other scar, can use defect as a composition element. Your drawback will be not just disguised – on its place will be something new and completely original. By your request, you can take an active part in the creation of a sketch of your future tattoo or you can simply trust the professionals. In any case, excellent result is guaranteed.

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  1. Amber says:

    I need a good list of what I need on hand after surgery. Extended tummy tuck, lipo of back, sides, and a brazillian butt lift!

  2. Roni says:

    Stool softener,gas-X, cotton balls,hydrogen peroxide,90% alcohol,triple antibiotic ointment,sanitary pads (I used them around my latex drain tube they left on my back),baby wipes. I moved around allot so I didn’t need things at hand just the necessary to clean my incision and wipes because they come in handy

  3. Cheryl says:

    Everything Roni listed and lots of gauze pads, I used Q tips to clean around my drains. Seamless panties for after drains come out and you get to take that compression garment off

  4. Cj says:

    I spent a lot of Time in bed, I had a large nightstand next to my bed with everything that I needed on it so I didn’t have to give a walk too far

  5. Cheryl says:

    Walking is good for you. Keeps the risk of blood clots down.