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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) – a plastic surgery to remove excess skin and fat deposits in the abdominal area, as well as tightening of muscle tissue. Shape of the abdomen is changing as a result of drastic weight loss, weight gain, birth, age-related changes for the worse. Muscles are stretched.

Tummy tuck questions and answers

This leads to the omission of internal organs, skin sag, stretch marks appear. Only a tummy tuck surgery can restore the shape of the abdomen, resize it, and give the skin a smart appearance, get rid of unsightly scars after other surgical interventions.

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Most popular questions:

Tummy tuck questions

What is the tummy tuck cost?
The cost of a tummy tuck varies from 4 to 25 thousand US dollars. The average cost of a tummy tuck in USA in 2013 year is $5,217 US dollars. Cost may include: Pre-operative and post-operative consultation, the surgeon fees, hospital fees, the cost of compression underwear, the cost of anesthesia. Medical insurance does not cover the tummy tuck surgery and its complications. More about tummy tuck cost you can read here.

At what age can do abdominoplasty?
At almost any age. If there is a medical condition, the operation can be carried to the patient of any age. Tummy Tucks allows to get rid of wrinkles, saggy tissues, excess body fat.

What are the aesthetic consequences of tummy tuck? 
Tummy tuck is fraught with only a small scar. In general, such scar will not be too noticeable if the taking care of him properly, use the special medical and cosmetic preparations. However, the process of resorption of scar can be reduced by applying laser or cream. Thus, abdominoplasty – an operation that is easily tolerated by patients and can achieve the desired effect.

Tummy tuck Q&A

How is the recovery after surgery?

  • The recovery period after tummy tuck is as follows:
  • The first week you must lie.
  • On the third day drainage tubes are removed and you can get out of bed.
  • Stitches on the navel can be removed on the 7th day, the other seams – on the 13th day.
  • After the tummy tuck you need to wear a bandage: two weeks – without removing; then within two months on the night it can be removed.

Tummy tuck takes about two months to complete rehabilitation, during which you can not lift heavy objects and overtax the abdominal muscles.

How is surgery performed?
Is removed unnecessarily stretched skin with adipose tissue during surgery. Also, tummy tuck helps to normalize the muscles, remove stretch marks. If the patient’s weight is in the normal range, then abdominoplasty can help you to acquire absolutely flat belly and elegant narrow waist.

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